Welcome to Cacao Atlas!

Step into Cacao Atlas's online store and experience a chocolate lover's heaven. At Cacao Atlas you can find wonderful selection of artisan luxury chocolates which are made using the finest couverture chocolate from Belgium and France. Few of our creations are made using single origins. Single origin chocolates are like a reserved wine, like with wine and its grapes, chocolate’s taste is partially determined by the environment in which the cacao trees grow. Cacao beans from different regions have their own distinctive flavors. Maybe sweet and roasted or nutty and earthy or sometimes even fruity. We use fresh citrus fruit purees, culinary herbs and spices to infuse flavors in our ganaches to create mouthwatering chocolate bonbons. Each element is a natural ingredient, a natural flavor, we do not use any artificial flavorings or preservatives. All our bonbons are either hand painted or sprayed using natural colorings with pure cocoa butter.  Our chocolate bonbons are perfect for your own indulgence, gifts for your family and friends, birthdays and dinner parties. 

Cacao Atlas has a special section of superfoods like power bites, spreads and nut butters purely made at home. All our products in this section are made with organic ingredients as much as possible, they are 100% gluten-free and suited for those who follow a vegan diet. Superfood powders like matcha green tea powder, berry powders like açai & goji and supergreen powders like wheatgrass & barley grass which we source are not only 100% organic but also packed with antioxidants which helps in weight loss, cleansing and detox. In many of our recipes we incorporate our home made nut butters which are dense in nutrients. Our power bites are nutritious and have a great combination of protein, carbs and healthy fats which makes them pretty much a perfect snack for any age group. They are ideal for pre and post workout snacks, grab and go breakfast as well as packed lunch or something to boost energy levels after your daily chores.  They are perfect to kickstart your day or to share it with friends. 

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