Almond butter

Made from premium  almonds that are slow roasted to perfection, they are then grinded to a smooth paste and seasoned with a dash of sea salt and honey. It reveals a fruity and delicate sweet taste.    

Hazelnut chocolate spread

Our hazelnut chocolate spread is not only nutritious but irresistibly delicious! Made with premium  hazelnuts  that are slow roasted to preserve their essential oils and delicate flavour. It is then ground into a smooth paste and blended with dark couverture chocolate. 

Peanut butter

Our little jar of liquid gold serves rich vitamins, beneficial minerals and high amounts of protein. We slow roast peanuts and grind them to perfection. It is slightly salty and crunchy in texture, and barely sweet. Enjoy it spread on bread or crackers in your smoothies or oatmeal or just spooned right out of the jar.  

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